Sunrise combo

Ninja position rotation - Sunwheels - Backflip - Megascrew! Ninja - he is a night warrior - but night is over when sun go up and we can see the Sunwheels - the light of sunshine give a warm feeling and a new energy for everyone who need it and who can take it - next we have a best power for Megascrew!

Now i will tell you some important details - wich give for this combination real magic! Ninja position - watch - my Arms stretched - Legs like peaks or pikes!

Thrue the short transit via Scissors position we are follow to position Punch - and next we do Sun wheel moves with a little but powerfull jerk.

Back flip - legs not together - right leg behind the back - because in the middle of Back flip we use this leg for visual effect and liquid transit to Scissors position Right After that we do bodymove something look like that we have a plan to do right hand Sun wheel thrue the position Punch - but in real we do Megascrew!

Ofcourse it is possible to do right sun wheel too - if you want!

I found video when i did it very slowly on low wind speed. Watch! Also in my video archives i found different times and little different passions of doing this combination - let’s watch it !
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