Partners flying

I have a student - her name is Tea - and she was really scared to fly in a windtunnel.
But I think - judging on the videos that you have just watched - you can’t find any reasons to think that she had any fears to fly. As you can see - in all the videos we perform bodygrip.
When she felt that I was supporting her - even only with one finger - she could perform many advanced tricks.
If I was not supporting her - her fear was stopping her from flying what she could for that moment!
And she is not the only one - I know many people who have the same fear and other types of fears that stop them from flying and reaching their dream to fly!
I’ve been thinking lately about fears and how they help or hinder us and our progress - I’ll create one more video devoted to this matter!
Now I will tell you the story of how we started to fly Partner flying.
It started when we were training a variation of "Pole" position rotations!
That time I was trying to help her to keep a stable trajectory of rotations.
Next step was supporting her in other flight positions!
In the process of flying - I felt that my body positions were incorrect - and I was trying to fix it!
For a change I tried an adjustment. I needed to be really close to her body - to become the leader of our movements in the air flow.
After that we started to try a sequence of different Partner flying combinations.
Ofcourse - sometimes we had really “interesting" moments!
But in the end everyone survived and remained in full health!
Good wind for everybody today and always!