Three dragons of my soul

Three faces in one person 
Three sides of life 
Three power mixed in one 

1. Pure and brilliant soul of lover 
Air and plastic grace combined with force twists – make the audience feel spirit of ball and power of first pure love. 
2. World wait for you – open your power 
Triumph over people love, recognition of dynamic and fly expression. Speedy and accurate elements, moon steps and actor skills – all this items was paint by worldwide known music. 
3. Explosion of superpower and freedom – wings of spirit 

Finally Leo decided to touch everybody soul by magic and mystic composition. He flies like a demon and audience forget everything. It’s the most strong and exiting part of the entire program. It is catharsis effect! 
This story of soul growing, freedom conquest and challenge to yourself. 
In this legend everybody saw themselves – that’s why this show-program touched the million people souls all over the world. We saw tears and changing eyes. Hope – this turn somebody life in better way, washed hearts by power of creation and beauty. This show-program touched something personal and very deep. 


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