Flight camp in windtunnel in your city

When there is no possibility to travel to other countries and participate in planned *training camp*, you can always call the best coach to the windtunnel which is convenient for you.

The cost of the training hours will be the same as the location of the coach; the only difference is the cost of "wind" in different windtunnels.


Tunnel coach, tunnel instructor, tunnel choreographer

Leo is a talented coach; he feels the dynamics of individual learning and efficiently manages training stages. He is looking for the approach to each student and focuses on its result. The main tools of Leo are: facial expressions, gestures, inventiveness, creativity, attentiveness and safety. He is emotional and vivid, which helps to understand each other without words; top it off with a great experience of coaching and priority flight safety - all this makes Leo outstanding universal coach of windtunnel with highest category. It creates an atmosphere in which heavy training becomes incredibly simple and interesting, it's like he magically hypnotizes students and helps them to control the body in a stream of air!

Leo Volkov coaching photos

Leo Volkov coaching video

Invite Leo and discuss all the details: info@tunnelsport.com

Julia OKO

Chief tunnel choreographer

To say that Julia is marvelous – to say nothing. If you see in the circus that legless bear rides a unicycle, sings and juggling pins at the same time, you can be sure - the bear had been trained by Julia. She solves the unsolvable problems, performs impossible tasks - who is she!? This girl is clearly from another planet.

Julia is a professional dancer and choreographer. She was involved in staging dance and theatrical performances, participated as jury in various competitions.

She had always felt constricted by conditions and restrictions. She waited for the moment when the dance of her dream will overcome gravity and go beyond the possible. Windtunnel made a childhood dream real.

Julia has her personal weapon: she knows how to look into the soul of every person and pull out all the strengths outside. If you have fears and scruples which fetter you and not allowed to express yourself, she will help to remove them once and for all!

Perhaps you see your flight is hopeless - Julia will open your skills and pump them to the max! So it works great even with the youngest students!

Yulia Oko coaching photos

Invite Julia to discuss all the details: info@tunnelsport.com

Detailed information about personal training and choreography can be found on this page: Personal coaching and choreography


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