Superhero in your mind

First of all – you need to pass the test…

YES or NO…?

  • You are very shy and don’t want to overcome this?
  • You are full of fears and you are very weak to beat them?
  • You are crazy on rules and classic traditional flight?
  • The view of eyes looking at you make you panic?
  • You didn’t ever dream about lights of cameras and worldwide famous?
  • You are convinced that dance, tunnel, music and show are not combined items and dancers in the air are clowns?

If your answers are “Yes” than you was mistaken in website category.

This part – about the future. This part for those who will lead tunnelsport to crown of creativity. Here there is no place for craftsmen.. only for fearless creators!

Somebody says that flying is magic.. We say – MAGIC-FLY is magic! What does it mean? TunnelSport SuperHero School will turn your flight in magic!

Individual and system approach to every student, powerfull fly-coach, team of brilliant specialists and worldwide champions move your fly-level up to the sky!

If you want to take part into the competition in discipline “Freestyle”, “Freestyle with music” “Freefly team with music” ; or you tend to make show performance – you have to be work with us!

Superhero is inside you

We will:

  • Create fly-program in video format
  • Combine all musician and light accompaniment
  • Train new movements and bring you to a higher fly level
  • Teach you to accent every music beat by your moves
  • Make for you training program not only in tunnel but on the earth and even in water
  • Accelerate your artistic skills
  • Break your fears
  • Prepare you to the interview and fame
  • And more that you can imagine…

Fly better than you can

Every training day you will be work with professional high-level tunnel coach and tunnel-choreographer. This work include warm-up, training on the earth before your flight, tunnel-flight and after flying discussing with future planning. You will be given exercise for homework.

For our fly work there is no borders! We are creativity team who show that impossible is possible!

SO… Million of heart stop beat not to break silence before your fly-start; million of eyes wait the floodlights make every your move in reality… their souls want revelation …everybody wait your steps.. we wait you in our team!

Write your name to and we will make your NAME


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