Angel to Star flips via head (Leo & Chinese team)

For this exercise you need to know two positions. It's Angel position and Star position. And also you need to do front flip via head and back flip via head.

Sometimes when you do flip.. back flip or front flip.. it's can be look like lay out first time, because you have no so much feeling to keep control in positions during this move. But it's coming.. no worry, it's coming. Just not give up!

So your body need time to understand.. to understand how the wind push to your body during this move. Continue to do, no worry about if something not coming right now, it's coming. It's.. it's absolutely one handred person coming, just you need time to the training, no worry.

Okay, so. Next exercise, after the first one - you can.. you can try to do half-screw to the back direction. When you do back flip try to turn your body 180. Yes, it will be not easy step, but not give up! Remember, the gold rule - it's never give up! And in one moment - the feeling will come. Try-try, do-do - back screw, half screw.. and everything will be good, of corse if you not give up.

Body need time to understand the trajectory.. body need time to understand a lot of positions during this..
I recomend to fly for you Wire position static. It's help a little bit or not a little bit.. it's help may be much.. but just not give up and.. and you will see it's coming.

@wangzzz_prince she is a girl and.. we stay in the tunnel from the four sides and if something going wrong and Wagza going to the glass, we stoped her. Yeah, it's special option to the woman, because we want that woman will be secure. And last one, after this you can try back Megasrew.

My Friends! I wish good flights for every one - today and always!
Chek our site, because here you can find a lot of videos.

Location: Chongqing, windtunnel «IFLY Chongqing»
Date: 12 June 2018
Coaching Level 4