First Megascrew is coming (Leo & Mohamed)

So, just remember this.
Screw, screw - mega screw; screw, screw - mega screw!

Screw and screw. You need to do it. Just let your body start to understand how to be at the rotation orientation of your body.
So, be ready. It will be a very interesting feeling, sure!

Also my friends! Look, look to my legs. Look at my all body.
So, I'm not doing it stretched now.
Because, when you do it more compact, you have a..
More chance to be alive after, if something going wrong.

Yes, so. First time remember: mantis position, and try to do screw in the mantis position and next try to do mega screw in mantis position full the way!

Now: a little of my flying. And next: will be bumblebee carving with more.. more young students, yes - just who start to fly.

Location: Cairo, windtunnel «Airborne»
Date: 6 November 2021
Coaching Level 4