Free arms in the wind (Leo & Vasilisa)

How it's important to feel in each position, each small frame, each small piece of the arm, of the leg, of the another part of your body! So, it's very important. I mostly watch to this, because this is feeling when you can move each part of your body in each position absolutely free. This feeling gives very very good mood. When you fly you need to control your arms, you need to control your legs first time. But after after some training you will be do it automatically and uh it will be it start to be easy for you. Yes, first time it will be super hard, super super super hard, but after practice the feeling is coming.

And and you will remember the time when you cannot push your arm to the air and thinking "why because it's it's so easy really now the air is very very very easy". So, it's like you can fly in the space without wind you of course of course you a little bit feel the wind, but it's not so much hard like you first time coming in the tunnel. Remember your feeling when maybe when controller give you the big speed and you try seat flying or something like this. It's feel like unreal because you keep the arms and after 30 seconds your arms already very tired.

When you get to the right feeling, you will never tired. You can you can sit in this position one year without stop and you're not tired because your body will be have the feeling. The same situation with the different arms positions between.. the between the flying like dynamic flying or not dynamic flying, freestyle flying, everything flying. So, if you feel your arms free in each moment of day, of life, it's mean that you have a good feeling of the air.

If you feel trouble during this, it's mean that you lose some frames. And lose some frames you cannot be free in the wind and if you not free in the wind. Your flights look like terrible, this is not good. So, that's why from the beginning we start to work on the arms feeling in each frame, during the belly carving in another other and the best positions, yes in many different positions. So, later we start to work on the legs feeling in different positions and different frames of legs opposite to wind, like how wind push today your legs. I think it will be good i think it will be super good and i like this type of the training. I like to work on the smooth.. feeling of the ideal feeling, yes.

My Friends! I wish good flights for everyone - today and always!

Location: Saint-Petersburg, windtunnel «FlyStation»
Date: 10 January 2022
Coaching Level 1