Basic staff training | Day 6-1 | Best exercises (Leo & Mark)

Basic positions:
Mantis, Bumblebee, Bear, Jet Fighter, Chicken

Basic movements and transits.
Carving, front transits, back transits Transits via legs, transits via head.

After good feeling this staff You will be ready to other experience. And other staff will  come more faster. I hope)

Dragon staff - one of the hardest staff in all flying

First you should try it in a low speed
And start to feel it good
But when speed go up
You will feel strange again
till body Start to be stronger

And after, you will forgot a problem
With a Dragon position and all staff around it

My friends i wish Good wind for everyone
Today and always

Date: 15 October 2021
Location: Budapest, windtunnel «Skyward»
Coaching Level Mix