Mate create tricks | Day 2 | the best moments (Leo & Mate)

Hello my Friends!

Just look
How this guy flying in white suit

He cut the airflow

He is just a child now,

But he is on the way to sucsecc

A lot of helpfull exercises

You can grub for yourself

From this video

It's just wake up season

Just look

Try to understand how to do this

Look for his arms and legs

Look for the direction and movements of his body

And try to repeat over him

Here you can find for yourself some ideas about flying

You can see the technique of the different tricks, elements, exercises, transits and use it for your own way


We still work on it


It's can be much better

My Friends!

I wish good flights for everyone!
Today and always!

Location: Budapest, windtunnel «Skyward»
Date: 18 December 2021
Coaching Level 5 TOP