100% speed of the wind (Leo Volkov)

At one day, i asked controller: "Controller, my friend! Please give me the maximum speed of the wind!" And he tell me: "Yes, i'll give you this!" I know how to fly in positions Falcon, Soldier, Langust, Minotaur, Slingshot, Devil. And i use this knowledge for doing next! Look the video.. so no no no, watch the video and you will understand what i mean.

My Friends! Also, not be shy to write me the questions about flying, because your questions give me motivation to create a new videos and share my knowledge more effective, yes. So, watch watch watch watch watch our site!

My Friends! I wish good flights for everyone - today and always

Location: Marseille, windtunnel «IFLY»
Date: 11 December 2019
Training Level 5 TOP