Hard positions - good training (Leo & Military people)

How it is important to feel all positions!
Because than more positions you feel Than better you fly!
This is very special group of the bodyflying positions!
"Crab" , "Platypus" , "Drop", "Parrot"
It is really not easy first time when you just start to fly it!
But step by step the feeling is coming And it start to be easy!
There's not so much secrets or special technic how to keep it
like in tricks or combos - here just keep and all!
Find your balance!
Look to guy who close to camera
His arms is tired But he not give up!
I leave you my friends no more to saying this time)
I wish you good flights Today and Always!
Watch videos and think - how you can fly this!

Location: Cairo, windtunnel «Airborne» Date: 6 November 2021
Coaching Level Mix