Flying Squirrel to Angel swing (Leo & Mark)

In Russia now -15, very-very-very cold, so! But we continue to speak about flying.

This exercise, what you will watch right now.. It's swing in positions:
+ of course - Flying Squirrel;
+ next, you need to know how to fly - Mantis position;
+ and Mantis position you need to know for the flying - Angel position, yes.

Hah, Flying Squirrel to Angel, transit by swing. So, you just dive the.. the buttom side of your body. You need to dive it like.. Okay, you lay in the Flying Squirrel position and you need to dive and next - go back. Dive and next go back, dive and next go back, but more.. more upper, so.
It's very interesting feeling. If you will know and you will know how to fly in this.. will be very good! Will be amazing! Because you can fly this exercise without any troubles, yeah.

Okay, next part of the exercise.. it will be Flying Squirrel to Angel and next transit to back side of the body, like Banana pos..(for this yes, for this unit to know will be good), Soldier position, Banana position and Star position, yes. This position will help you to do it smooth, of course you need to have a good feeling in this position for doing this transit or.. During the training this transit you can grow up your flying skill of this positions, so. One way - you already now how to fly this positions and you can do this swing without problem, or - you try to do this swing (swing transit) and during this swing transit - you learn new positions, for you.

Heh, watch the video and everything will be good.
My Friends! I wish flights for everyone - today and always!

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Location: Budapest, windtunnel «Skyward»
Date: 15 October 2021
Coaching Level 3