Front lay out with turn to back side (Leo & Egyptian people)

So. We continue with Mohamed exercise what we did last time. You can chek the video may be here or may be here... So, how you want.

We just add something new. We add: during this exercise you need to do transit.
When you start from the belly, next - you do transit to the back and next - you do layout.
Like, we start to do front layout (front layout start), next - transit and next - layout, something like this. Watch!

When we have a big tunnel and group of the people. And i have a like.. ishow and control one guy, for another guy i give another exercises. So, for example, another guy will be sit in the Cat position on the net. And when i will be train with another guy, so the first guy will be train Cat position on the net. It's very important, Cat position - it's very-very important, believe me.

And of course, my Friends, it's Parrot position. It's very hardfull position. But more harder - if you will do this exercise in the Parrot position, you will be fly 8-headward direction. Just try and you understand how hard it is. But after, when you will do it good. And it will be comfortable for you, it's mean that your fly skill is amazing, yeah!

Not give up, continue to do exercise! First time it will be super-super hard, but after some times, the best feeling is coming and you can feel the Best in the Flying, sure!

And last one episode for today - it's a.. remember we.. the last video we train dragon front layout. So now you will see - it's not will be look like front layout, it will be like just transit on the one place from the Dragon position to the backside of the body. But.. but you need to understand.. understand this feeling. And this skill will coming soon!

My Friends, I wish good fights for everyone - today and always!

Also, all the video you can find on our site So come on - watch and grow up your fly skill. Bodyflight century is started right now!

Location: Cairo, windtunnel «Airborne»
Date: 6 November 2021
Coaching Level 3