Unreal Dragon (Leonid Volkov)

I will show you something special!

It will be Unreal Dragon Skill!
Try to repeat, of course if you have this feeling.

Okay, My Friends.
Now we can see dragon position.
And I have started the dragon carving.

This carving not like... like usual for dragon position.

Usual dragon carving is the out face carving, but this is the in face carving.
When our face is watching to the center of the tunnel.

My Friends!
Information for everyone!
So. Tomorrow, after tomorrow or next few days, or next few weeks, or next few months!

You go to wind tunnel.
You ask a controler to give you the very very good speed.
And My Friend's - attention.

Try to fly this!

And if you can fly this it will be super amazing!
Your dragon skill will be perfect!
And of course - please send me the video, and i will post this video everywhere.

This is Dragon in face Carving!
Remember this and repeat!

My Friends!
I wish you good flights - today and always!

Location: Saint-Petersburg, windtunnel «FlyStation»
Date: 6 May 2021

Coaching Level 5 TOP