Mate create tricks | Day 1 | the best moments (Leo & Mate)

After some years of training
Mate have many knowledge
How to fly in vertical air flow!

What i tried to give to him
from all our training time!

Next step on his way will be
To create his own style!

Own, moves and tricks!

I told this once
That tricks born via improvisation!

When you play with the wind
And if you feel that it is interesting -
You feel happy and fire in a soul.
Your body in a good physics shape -

You are ready to create!

Look to this tricks and combinations
Of movement, transits and jerks!

Yes - it is looks not so clean,
sometimes it's look weird

Sometimes it's look very good
- all of this -
Are the seeds

- and from some Of this seeds
will be a very nice flowers!

I hope)

I choose for my opinion the most Interesting elements,
thats can be A gold tricks!

after much work on it,
Of course!)

So, practice is - the Power!

My Friends!
I wish good flights for everyone
today and always!

Date: 17 December 2021
Location: Budapest, windtunnel «Skyward»
Coaching Level 5 TOP