«Hg-Mn-Bb-Br-JF-Hg» chain of transits or «Front Lay out»

If you feel comfortable in «Hedgehog» and «Mantis» positions - you
can try to do side transit between this positions!

For next exercise you need to feel some more positions: «Bumblebee» , «Bear» , «Jet Fighter». We will be do chain of transits or another words one of millions ways of trick named «Front Lay Out». So first do transit from «Hedgehog» to «Mantis» position and next do chain of transits: «Bumblebee» , «Bear» , «Jet Fighter» to «Hedgehog» position - like we start.

Location: Cairo, windtunnel «Airborne»
Date: 4 November 2021
Transits Lay Outs