Online training in the windtunnel

For this type of training you need to have some equipment:

  • Phone which you take to the pre-flight chamber to have chatting with me;
  • Device (phone, ipad, webcam) which will be staying outside tunnel and connecting with my device (screen) by zoom, skype, facetime or other app!

During the personal consultation i will understand your flying level and your goal in the bodyflying! I tell you how to use the equipment during our online training! I send you the online lessons a theory, that you understand the names of the elements, positions, moves what we will be practice on our online training!

Lessons will be include the video-exercises and descriptions for the best understanding the all stages of your future training!

In this service includes:

  • Personal consultation (by text or by call);
  • Online theory and example videos with exercises;
  • Online training;
  • Debriefing after training.
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