Do you know whats different between these two positions?



That is Mate Feith trying to keep SCARAB position after when i show him how it is looks.
His body is fairly horizontal orientation - it is mean that he keep SCARAB position in a low wind speed!

Here Mate and me - keep SCARAB position too, but look - our bodies is a vertical orientation now - so now it is a Deep SCARAB position!
But wind speed the same like in (1). So we can keep that position the same time witch work inertia of the momentum up. If we continuer to keep that position after loose inertia up - we fall down to the net.

That is me - and wind speed very hight - so i can keep Deep SCARAB position forever - my body shape is more stretched!

There are two ways how we can keep Deep SCARAB:
1) In a low speed we can add momentum upward - and use this for the keeping Deep SCARAB position some seconds before inertia of the momentum up is over.
2) In a hight wind speed - you can keep Deep SCARAB forever!

So answer for the question: "Whats different ?":
1) SCARAB and Deep SCARAB positions - horizontal and vertical orientations.
2) SCARAB and Deep SCARAB positions have a little different body shapes.
3) For the keeping a long time Deep SCARAB position we need to have hight wind speed!