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This "back screw exercise" possible to do with a stops between the parts. Let's see step by step:
Start position - Hedgehog or Sit (1).
Doing transit (body-left direction) to Mantis (10) position.
During transit (body-left direction) body going through the combination of positions: left side Ninja/Orangutang (8).
From position Mantis (10) start do rotation (180' anti-clockwise direction) and in the same time do a chain of transits (body-left direction): Crane (12) - right side Sloth/Orangutang (13) - Scarab (15) - left side Sloth/Orangutang (17) - Mantis (20).
From position Mantis (20) do transit (back direction) to position Hedgehog or Sit (15).
For perfect performance this element - i recommend for you to know how to fly in next positions: