2017-2018 years.
Laboratory "City".
The first experiments on the creation of Machines began in this laboratory. Thanks to Laszlo L. Laki, our team rented a room and bought all the necessary equipment for the research. Mr. Laszlo also negotiated with Intrudair about sewing special suit, which we used later.
2019-2020 years.
Laboratory "Forest".

For new experiments, we needed more space. Therefore, an open-air plot of land became an almost ideal solution to this issue. We thank the Feith Family for helping our team! We bought a lot of new materials and tools to construct various structures for research.
2021-2022 years.
Laboratory "Flystation".

The Flystation windtunnel provided a room for the research, and Tunnel Technology (TT) company built a structure with the help of which we carried out the experiments. Concequently, these results and all the previously acquired knowledge made the first professional model #1 appear. Later, TT helped to obtain a patent for the invention.
2023-2024 year.
Laboratory "Buda".

Feith Family helps to our team with Laboratory, materials and best supporting.
We continuer our experiments to find the best solutions!