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Transit Orangutan position to Wire position!
Wind speed: Middle

(1) You keep Orangutan position - find a balance and next slowly do transit to Wire position!

Carving in a Belly Wing position and Helicopter
Wind speed: Middle

Short description:
You start to carving in a Belly Wing position - next in one time you start to spinning in the center of windtunnel with transit to Shuttlecock position (If you carving to the left side body direction forward - so when you do transit to Shuttlecock position use left leg in the front side of body). Next stop the rotation via transit to other legs directions Shuttlecock position ! Body must be relaxed and liquid!
Full description:
1. Start by carving along wider radius in a Belly Wing position. Then gradually narrow down the radius of your movement trajectory until you started spinning in the same place around oneself in the centre of a windtunnel in a Belly Wing transition.
3. From a Belly Wing position transit into the Shuttlecock position. To do this you will need to move in front of your body the leading leg. This needs to be the same leg as the side of your body that is currently turned to the direction of your body's forward movement while spinning. For example, move your left leg if your current carve direction is 'to the left' or 'counterclockwise (CCW)'. When the transit move is completed correctly - this rotates body in a way that changes the direction of the spinning.
4. Keep spinning in the Shuttlecock position around oneself.
5. Change the direction of body rotation in Shuttlecock position by switching the 'leading leg'. Body must be relaxed and liquid while doing this!
Lay Out - Angel position - Right/Left hand Megascrew
Wind speed: Middle

(3.1) You do Lay Out and freeze in Angel position - next you do right hand Megascrew!
- For the right hand Megascrew you need to 3 rotations trough the one Flip and finish in Angel position!

(3.2) Next you do Lay Out and freeze in Angel position - next you do left hand Megascrew!
- For the left hand Megascrew you need to 2 rotations trough the one Flip and finish in Angel position!
Enter - Exit (ninja - sloth)
Wind speed: Low-Middle

Short description:
So look video my friend! You enter to windtunnel via lay-out, next when your body vertical (diver position) - you start to do side transit to Ninja position (but not stoped in Ninja) and continuer to do side transit to Sloth position and freeze! Next you do this chain of tricks like rewinding a cassette!
Full description:
1. Enter the windtunnel by doing a back lay-out over head. But don't finish this lay-out completely ;)! When you are doing such a lay-out, there comes a moment when your body is passing over the vertical head-down orientation (you are in Diver Position then).
2. Right after the moment you arrived in a Diver position - Start doing the side transit from the Diver position into the Ninja position.
3. As soon as you arrived in Ninja position, (!) do not freeze in Ninja position.. but continue with another transit: so without any stop do the transit from Ninja to the Sloth position.
. Freeze in Sloth position for a second and rewinding that chain 3-2-1!
Wind speed: Middle

(5) Start from Angel position - start to create impulse Up - and do Gyroscope!
Ice Skater carving
Wind speed: Middle

(6.1) Carving in Ice Skater position - both sides!
(6.2) Carving in Ice Skater position - next change the side of position via movement body to opposite side of windtunnel!